Visiting Aberdeen

As you are reading this information right now, it is to be assumed that you know at least some basic information about Aberdeen and are hoping to visit. This city is located in northeast Scotland, and despite the fact the weather is often a little gloomy, Aberdeen has actually been voted the happiest place in Scotland. Although many tourists head for the major cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, Aberdeen is definitely the place that you should choose, if you are struggling to select one of the three.

Here are just some of the reasons why visiting the city of Aberdeen for the weekend, or even longer, is a great idea, including the following.

  • The Architecture

There are many beautiful pieces of architecture in Aberdeen, and the buildings are known for using grey granite in their structure, which is why it is sometimes known as the Granite City. A whole range of architecture is found in Aberdeen, from old churches, houses and other places that really show off the history, and culture, of the city. You could really get lost for hours on end, just walking along the beautiful streets. Marischal College in Aberdeen is actually one of the most significant buildings, made from granite, in the world

  • The Variety of Food

There is such a wide variety of local cuisine in Aberdeen; you can taste it at restaurants, and even from stalls in the street. If you love all the classic British food like fry-ups, pie and chips, Sunday lunches and all that good stuff, you are going to find many places that cater to your needs. On the other hand, you will also be able to find establishments that serve dishes that you will not find anywhere else in Britain if you are feeling a little more adventurous. With some of these dishes, it might be best not even to know what you are putting into your mouth, so that you can sample the taste with no pre-conceived judgement

  • The Culture

The people living in Aberdeen have such a sense of pride about their country, and the culture is a great thing to be around. They even have their own dialect which is known as Doric; it is said to be super soothing to the soul, but we will let you be the judge of that! There is no place better to discover the culture, (and the language), than at the Doric Festival, which is held annually in Aberdeenshire. Even though the people living in the city have a strong sense of community, they are also very welcoming to tourists and will make you feel right at home

  • The Nightlife

There is nightlife for everyone in Aberdeen, no matter what you enjoy. There are local pubs that are quiet, and with a more “mature” clientele, in addition to there being indie and rock bars with live music performances happening on a regular basis. If you are wondering about the alcohol, there is definitely not a shortage of it, which guarantees you an evening to remember.

  • The Weather (no, seriously!)

Scotland is not known for its fantastic weather, but statistics have shown that Aberdeen is actually the sunniest place in the country. This, combined with the fact that there are 45 parks, gardens and even beaches in the city, means that you might even get a tan if you go there during the summer months of the year.


Aberdeen is a fantastic place to visit. On other pages, you will find more information on actual locations, that you can visit in the city, to enhance your trip even more.